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Within 3 weeks of using Statsbot, Teach Me 2 found an insight that paid off an annual subscription contract

company Teach Me 2 is the largest tutoring company based in South Africa and is trusted by thousands of parents and learners. The company provides tutors to high school and university students predominantly.

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“If you’re looking for a big data reporting tool, look no further than these guys!”

**Daniel Miller**, Director at Teach Me 2

Daniel Miller, Director at Teach Me 2


  • Teach Me 2 had an analytics tool that didn’t provide granular data. The logic of calculating metrics was not obvious and out of their control.
  • They didn’t have a single data source. Data was spread across many tools, creating data chaos.
  • Every department relied on their own analytics tool and executives were struggling to put all the pieces together. This prevented the team from getting the right insights and learning from their data.

“Two years ago, we didn’t have a sales team and the only analytics we tracked were in our front-end website,” explains Daniel. “As the business grew, it became increasingly difficult to evaluate employees and processes. Our initial solution was to request detailed CSVs from our developer, import them into a spreadsheet, and try to find patterns. Adjusting the CSV meant expensive developer time, rebuilding the spreadsheet, and always meant you were looking at old data. We needed a better solution.”


  • After exploring Statsbot, the company quickly decided to migrate from Mixpanel.
  • The Statsbot and Teach Me 2 teams worked closely in bringing all their data together into one data source. Data chaos was eliminated within a week.
  • Every department and executive now tracks data in one place and there’s no ambiguity anymore. The sales department is the one that benefits the most. Every manager sees KPIs, while executives are able to predict revenue and build a proper commission structure.

“I started building the metrics we would use to measure and manage performance. It’s been a highly iterative process and has led to us fundamentally changing how we incentivize our sales. The team got insights on sales analytics and understood which metrics are needed for a sales analytics dashboard.”

“As soon as we started using Statsbot, we realized we had struck gold. We started being able to analyze and steer the business in real time. We could make iterative improvements to the metrics themselves without any developer time.”

“As we get more sales metrics in place, it becomes easier to fold them into our process and ask the right questions.”

“Saying, ‘Where in the data will I see the improvement from this three-month project in technology, and if I don’t see it, why not?’ Those are conversations we never had before because we were never able to validate. Now we are.”

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