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Housing Anywhere discovered the best way to share data across a team and help them stay on track with key metrics

company Housing Anywhere helps students to search for rooms in one of 500 cities, get in touch with locals directly, and book a place to stay via their secure platform.

employees 120

industry Marketplace, Real Estate, Accommodation

customer since May 2016

Reports Generated 1,500

Making company data driven on a growing phase


Housing Anywhere is a startup that has rapidly grown during the last few years. The team eventually came to a stage where all decisions should be made on the basis of data it has.

Product, Marketing and Data Science departments all were searching for solutions that would fit their needs, as well as bring comprehensive transparency within the organization.


Housing Anywhere uses Statsbot on a daily basis to support their growth as a business. Slack integration allows them to create communication around good performances and areas of improvements on the fly.

“Statsbot provides our teams with the metrics that matter to them, all from a centralized place.” – Djordy Seelmann, Product Lead at Housing Anywhere.

“We were looking for ways to make analytics central in our processes and Statsbot proved to be a successful strategy for making the team data-minded.”

**Djordy Seelmann**, Product Lead at Housing Anywhere

Djordy Seelmann, Product Lead at Housing Anywhere

Saving time - the most valuable resource for your team


As for every startup, time is a critical resource for Housing Anywhere. They try to automate as much as they can in business. So the team didn’t want to spend hours each week running reports across analytic platforms, trying to glean data insights.


When Djordy and his team started saving time by using Statsbot, they realized that this is a scalable solution and tracking more metrics with Statsbot will bring a lot of benefits to their company.

Starting with just a couple of reports, Housing Anywhere now tracks 32 different metrics from Google Analytics and SQL for their team of more than 100 people.

“Statsbot saves us valuable time on preparing reports every day, which we can spend on activities that directly affect our revenue.”

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