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30% more Giphy employees got involved with analytics after deploying Statsbot

company Giphy is a search engine for animated GIF files with over 300 million daily active users. It serves five billions GIFs per day through its search engine, apps, and partnership deals.

Avg Data per Query 100TB

Loading 100TB Query < 30 sec

Rows Analyzed Daily 10B+

Employees 110

“Statsbot is our main analytics tool at the moment. It’s a place where our organization looks at the metrics, finds trends, and learns from the data”

**Niger Little-Poole**, Data Scientist at Giphy

Niger Little-Poole, Data Scientist at Giphy


  • Most parts of the non-tech team found a current business intelligence tool hard to use and understand – the level of data usage was low.
  • Business users had often requested a data team to build reports and dashboards. That was time consuming as well as led to forming a queue of tasks.
  • There was no single place for dashboards and ad-hoc reports as companies were using different BI tools, Google Analytics, and other data sources.


  • The Giphy data team quickly went through a deployment period, finding Statsbot very flexible. Putting all KPIs in place was a quick task to achieve.
  • Statsbot’s intuitive UI let non-tech users quickly get onboard. They found the product easy to use, so 30% more employees started working with data.
  • Google Analytics and SQL integrations are both available in Statsbot, so the company gained the ability to analyze data in one place, which matters a lot for big companies such as Giphy.

The Giphy non-tech users are completely data independent now, which gives them the opportunity to get insights from data quickly and make the right decisions.

On average, around 100TB of Giphy’s data is being involved in one query at Statsbot. An average time to process one query is less than 30 seconds, thanks to caching and pre-aggregating Statsbot features.

Leadership, data, product, design, and other departments at Giphy all now have the ability to analyze data in one place. Shared dashboards and links make it very easy to share and collaborate around the data for not only the data team, but also non-tech users.

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